Motion Graphics

Cygen Labs Motion Graphics


It’s hard to understand what these products can really do for you as a consumer. The clients request was to create an infomercial that briefly explained the product and how the line of nutritional supplements assists with higher performance and faster recovery in athletes. Responsibilities included concept development, storyboarding and post-production. This was one of two promotional videos created for Cygen Laboratories.

Toragen web commercial

Decimate web commercial

Africa Campaign


Africa is a forgotten place, a forgotten world. Millions of people struggle to survive daily, yet the world turns a cold shoulder. All of the problems we as individuals face on a daily basis and as a society are so miniscule in comparison to this continent. Think about it this way, a child dies every three seconds due to hunger, disease and war. But what do we do? Do many people even know what goes on over there? We are lucky to have been raised in a first world country where these problems do not exist. We take for granted necessities like food, showers, clean water, all which are their luxuries. Our society is focused more on needless wants, and less on what we need to survive.